Expedition Wine Bottle

Balanced and appropriately intense.

The creation of the 2009 Expedition Cabernet was quite an expedition in and of its own. Typically wines come from a single-source vineyard, but I wanted to create a truly classic Cabernet Sauvignon blend representative of all of Napa. Therefore, I searched high-and-low, hand-selecting grapes from 27 of Napa's finest vineyards. These perfect grapes take advantage of all the soils and climates that Napa has to offer. Each grape has its purpose - some chosen for tannins, some length, some red fruit, and some black fruit.

This blend represents the tremendous balance and complexity that I strive to deliver as a winemaker. Robust in aroma, this wine boasts of big cherry, ripe raspberry and strawberry - all framed by the ripe black fruit characteristics of blackberry and plum with dried herb notes of bay, tea and earth. The flavors on the palate tend toward juicy ripe blackberry with hints of vanilla and caramel from the judicious use of French oak. The fruit continues through with soft tannins that create a smooth, long finish. This is a wine that you won't soon forget.

Perfectly balanced, the pH is 3.67, the TA is 6.1 g/l, and the alcohol is 14.5%. ~ Steve Mathiasson, Vintner and Viticulture Consultant

Steve Mathiasson

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