Join The Expedition Wine Club

The Expedition Wine Club

This is your opportunity to become a founding member of The Expedition wine club – an exclusive club driven by member input. Along the journey, Expedition members will be asked their opinion on the search for next year’s varietal, invited to explore the region’s we visit, and be introduced to up and coming winemakers. Tasting notes from our featured winemakers and trusted sommeliers will provide insight on Expedition's quest as well as other noteworthy varietals of interest.

Member Privileges

Exclusivity: Membership capped at 1,000 with members receiving limited access to some of the world’s most exclusive varietals. Membership is awarded at no cost with the purchase of a single 12 bottle case of the Expedition 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Driving Force: Members help shape the future direction of the club with guidance provided on varietals, winemakers, regions, tours, and more.

Private Collections: Members have access to limited release collections and autographed bottles.

Camaraderie: Members gather throughout the year for private tours, bottle signings and excursions reserved only for those with the true spirit of adventure.

A Wine club built for you and by you. You are the membership that determines the path of the Expedition Club. Join us today as we create an unrivaled global journey in search of the very best wine experiences.

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